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FEUP projects

Restructuring and integration of an automated warehouse (Ethernet, Modbus/TCP, Delphi, C, Isagraf, PostgreSQL, Linux)

Final project / internship course which consisted of the control and monitoring of an integrated manufacturing chess pieces, comprising: an automatic warehouse, two machines (lathe and mill)) numerical control (CNC) machine automatic measurement and two auxiliary positioning robots.

Information System for the control of production in a manufacturing process (Linux, Lazarus, Javascript, PHP, HTML, PLC, PostgreSQL)

This project consisted in the definition and implementation of a system of business information in order to allow the control of production to support managers of a company indicating, in real time, information about income and operational status of productive resources.

Control and monitoring of the temperature of an oven (Delphi, Scilab, PLC)

This project consisted in control and monitoring the temperature of an oven through PID control (methods: control in closed loop and obtaining the order of the model of the plant more adequate and their parameters via the method of least squares)

Levitation of a disc by variation in the speed of a fan (Matlab, Atmega8, Fuzzy Logic)

This was a very interesting project because it was made in the context of three disciplines, which was very exciting and enriching. It was explored as follows:
1- System modeling (corresponding to the discipline of Actuation Systems and Motion (SAM))
2- Physical system of control performed with the microcontroller Atmega8 (discipline of Systems Based on Microcontrollers, SBM)
3- Method of control by fuzzy logic (discipline of Systems Based on Fuzzy Logic, SBLD)

Connection protocol logic of RS232 serial port (Linux, C)

This project consisted in the implementation of the protocol of logical connection between the RS-232 port and the test of this protocol with an application to transfer files in Linux environment.

Control of a system of storage of tiles (PLC, Scada, Petri Nets, Grafcet)

This project consisted in monitoring and control of an automated warehouse of tiles, having been modeled / validated through a network of petri implemented on a automaton and supervised by a SCADA.