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ISEC projects

Interface for serial communication with a mobile phone via the cellular network GSM (Visual C++)

Final project that consisted of programming a interface serial communication (RS232) with a mobile phone, to enable the monitoring and control systems remotely via the GSM cellular network by sending and receiving SMS's (protocols used: text mode , PDU mode and Block mode).

Modulation for GSM

Theoretical project on modulation for GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), being one of the most widely used communication systems worldwide.

Control and Monitoring of an Elevator (Delphi 7)

This project consisted of the control and monitoring of a model of an elevator, involving programming a automaton using Grafcet and the user interface in Delphi 7.

Detection of objects in an image (Matlab)

Project that consisted in the detection of oranges in a photo of an orange tree, involving the use of Matlab and its toolbox image treatment.